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    A rainbow to you is what rain is to me

    Dear Ashley @ashley_topham,

    I read your story about the rainbow and your father. It is such a beautiful memory. Sometimes, I think the universe implants these memories in us so when are loved ones leave us, they have ways they can send us little reminders that they are still with us.

    My grandfather always said that rain was good luck. Since I was little girl, I was very athletic and I wanted to be a sportscaster. My grandfather was the only other athletic one in our family, so we both knew I had his genes, which gave us this special connection. I used to wear his the number 15 in sports because his birth was August 15th.

    Unfortunately, he died when I was 13. When I was 25, I was up for my dream job, a sportscaster in Buffalo, NY. When I went up for my interview, the new director gave me a lot of constructive criticism. I didn’t think I got the job. After two weeks of waiting to hear back, I got on call on August 15th – my grandfather’s birthday. It was from the News Director in Buffalo. I was at the dentist, but I didn’t answer because I didn’t want to get rejected on my grandfather’s birthday. That day was sacred to me. But the news director left a message and said it was important that I call back ASAP. So, I didn’t want to be unprofessional.

    I called and he said, “Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I had to explain to corporate why I wanted to offer you the job. You aren’t as experienced as our other candidates, but I told them someone like you is not going to come across my desk twice.”

    I tried to so hard to hold back my tears. But after I got off the phone, I walked outside of the building to head home and it was pouring out. As soon as I saw the ran, I burst into tears. My dream came true on the day of my grandfather’s birthday in the pouring. I knew he was watching over me.

    Just curious, have you ever seen a rainbow and thought it was your dad letting you know he is by your side?

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    • Dear Lauren, @theunsealed

      The story about the rain and the connection it has to your late grandfather is beautiful. It’s amazing how people can have that connection show back up in their life after their loved one passed away. I whole heartedly believe that it is our loved ones letting us know they are still there. I love how it also deals with nature like the rainbow’s connection to my dad.

      It’s actually a interesting coincidence but before I read your letter, I just saw the most beautiful rainbow. I was able to get a picture of it and I could see the entire part of it in the sky. The timing of it was so strange but when I saw it, I felt in my heart that it was my dad letting men know he was with me.

      There are so many connections I have to a past loved one to nature.
      For example, my grandmother has always told me growing up that when I see a Northern Cardinal it’s my grandfather saying hello. I also have been told by my mom that a butterfly is a loved one sending their love to you. We even purchased butterfly ornaments from the mall during Christmas one year. With a purchase of one, you were able to dedicate it to your loved one. Every time that I put them on my Christmas tree, it makes me feel their presence. I ended up getting two small butterfly tattoos so I could always have my dad and grandfather with me.

      Another interesting connection occurred on the day of my best friend’s daughter’s first birthday when a blue butterfly landed on her car. My friend picked it up with her finger and it just sat there watching us until it flew away. I told her that butterflies can symbolize a loved one and she whole heartedly believed it was her grandmother showing that she was still there.

      I think it’s simple connections like these that provide comfort to us and help us not feel so alone.

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      • Aww I loved that. I think it’s so true. It’s so comforting when you can feel the presence of someone that you lost. I have so many weird stories that are too coincidental to truly be just coincidences. Or at least I think so. Love and connection never dies. And through magic I think people find a way to connect with you even after their lives are lost.

        We actually had a medium on one week for Unsealed Conversations @dsenlightenededits I asked her if she could give me a sign that my grandfather sees me and is watching over me. And it was crazy, she kept saying I see this symbol of shell. Like a seashell.

        My grandfather owned a Shell gas station and their logo is a seashell. It was absolutely crazy to me. But it reaffirmed my belief that love never dies.

        with love,

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