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    My advice for the younger me

    To my younger self,

    Several years ago, mom and dad moved out of our childhood home and mom sent me a box filled with items from our room that she didn’t know if I wanted to keep or throw away.

    As I looked through this box, I found random items like a Mia Hamm Barbie in a package that I never opened and drawings from third or fourth grade. As I dug a little deeper, I also found a letter written to my future self. It was written by you – my younger self – a 17-year-old high school senior.

    You’ll be happy to know that you got off the waitlist and into your top-choice school, Columbia University. While you will question whether or not you are smart enough to go there, college won’t be very difficult for you. Academics will almost come secondary to falling in love, getting your heart broken, making lifelong friendships, and starting your career.

    After college, it will take a little bit of time, but you will make it on air. You will become a sportscaster. In some ways, the dream will be everything you ever imagined and more, and in other ways, you will be left hurt, frustrated and disappointed.

    I’m sorry to tell you that so far, you didn’t get your own show, and you don’t have your own network.

    But that’s OK.

    What I love about you and what I love about me is that we follow our heart, and we stay true to our morals. We stand up for ourselves and others even when there is a heavy price to pay.

    These qualities will lead you to tell the world in an open letter about what happened at that house party in Nyack when you were 16. I know you thought you’d be able to bury that, to push it away and forget what those boys did to you forever. However, it just won’t play out that way.

    Don’t worry. You’re OK. You are more than OK. Your letter, which was addressed to sexual assault survivors, will help you transform all your pain into purpose.

    Sharing your truth will feel so empowering, you will decide to lend your ability to write and tell a story to other people’s voices. You will start a business you can’t yet even visualize. It will be called The Unsealed, and you will ghostwrite open letters that will inspire strength and encourage equality.

    While most of the letters won’t be about you, you will write the letters based on your interpretation of each person’s story. And thus, within each letter written, there will be a piece of you and a part of your heart. These letters will reflect the compassion you feel for others and the impact you want to make on the world.

    The response to your work will be incredible.

    Your very first letter, which was about grief, will save someone’s life. A man, who lost his mother, will reach out to you and tell you that he read the letter with a gun in his hand. By the time he finishes the letter, he will have a tear dripping down his face. That will be the moment he decides not to take his own life.

    And that’s not all.

    A former foster child will tell you that you made her feel seen. A father who will lose his son to cancer will thank you for caring about his child’s legacy. A teenage rape survivor will tell you that you are the reason she shared her story, and you are the reason she feels hope for her future. Countless people will be grateful because you listened to them, helped them express themselves, and amplified their voices.

    Your work will give you so much happiness, purpose, and connection. The passion you feel burning through your veins will help combat the nerves that come with the uncertainties of starting and running a business.

    It’s not your own show, and it’s not your own network. But this will be right for you.

    Once again, you will be confident that you are good enough, but you will still want to be the best. Your dreams will once again be big, and your plan will be very specific:

    Build an enormous badass company that will change the whole damn world!

    You will have your moments where you wonder, “Is this possible?”

    “Can I take this to the next level?”

    “Will I continue to grow?”

    Most of the time, you will be excited, but there will be moments that you feel scared. And in those moments, you will think of the letter your 17-year-old self wrote to your future self.

    See, when I think about you and your struggle and how the cards ultimately unfolded – I know precisely the advice I want to tell you.

    I want you to relax. You have wonderful friends, the best parents and you are young and curious. Stop missing out on the joy of the present moment because you’re consumed with the unknowns of your future.

    Don’t worry. Everything always turns out just fine.

    All you have to do is continue to follow your heart and work hard. If that doesn’t take you where you plan to go, I promise it will lead you somewhere better.

    I hope this helps.

    And thank you again for writing to me. The advice that I realized I wanted to give to you ended up being the exact wisdom I needed to remind myself.

    We got this! Let’s go!

    @kayjahlorde @oneturbobenz @amazz94 @theunsealed

    lauren (the older you)

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    • I think Unsealed Conversations is your own network Lauren. Within The Unsealed it serves as a great amplifier of the stories you tell for people. If not a network it’s definitely your own kind of talk show. Without The Unsealed I wouldn’t be taking my crazy old Volvo to be in a movie tomorrow. Most likely I’d be buried the the plot meant for my Father, beside my Mother in the quiet confines of one of the most serene cemeteries this podunk end of Ohio can offer. I wouldn’t be doing my best to offer my particular brand of hard work to my job. I wouldn’t be speaking out for the underprivileged. I wouldn’t be taking care of my Father as he continues to wage his battle against Carcinoid Cancer. I am eternally grateful that the younger you became who you are in the present moment. In you I have a friend that doesn’t judge me behind my back. In you I have someone who I felt comfortable enough to tell some things I’ve never really spoken about before. I have an incredible friend, who is changing the world ever day and all of that knowing how damn hard that is to do. I know you’ll do it and I will help in any and every way I can.

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      • Aww Roger, that is so sweet. It’s people like you that keep me pushing. I still want to grow and be so much bigger. But I know I have to be patient and it will come. I am so glad The Unsealed and our friendship has had such a positive impact on your well-being and your life. You inspire me to keep pushing ever day.

        Life is really hard sometime for us all. And we all need each other to push through those difficult times. My hope is that The Unsealed can be that place where people can always turn to for love, support, kindness and encouragement. One day at a time. One letter at a time. One member at a time.

        Every day I am scared and excited about will or won’t happen with this company. But you give me so much hope! Thank you xo.


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    • I believe that your a very strong, independent, and a successful person. I feel that you are a person that will help others speak out more on there experiences which you are currently doing; your on a level where the stories you post motivates others to post as well. You are a leading example of how a lot of people who go through hardships with different backgrounds and different regions want to share their stories as well. I hope you succeed into make this company a bigger and a very successful one and hope you continue to motivate people all around the world to share their stories as well. I wanna let you know that your younger version of you would be very proud to see how successful you are today. Continue to spread your happiness around the world and continue to help those people who lost their voice to find it.

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    • That part on stop missing on the joy of the present moment because you’re consumed with the unknowns of your future is so true! It’s tough to stay in the present when your mind has been conditioned to constantly think about the future. The Unsealed (In a way) is your show, Lauren. It shows your willingness to share other people’s stories. It also shows how much love & care you have for others. The tough tragedy that happened to you at 16 is unimaginable. And yet, you were able to use that tragedy and turn it into strength to help others. That’s inspirational! Your journey & story is what can (and have done) empower others to do the same and keep the cycle going. Your younger version of you would cry tears of joy to see how amazing & strong you are. I’m beyond grateful to have crossed paths with you and others on The Unsealed. Sometimes, I’ll ask myself, Is this really happening? It is! And I’m enjoying the ride so far. I’m all in on The Unsealed. I love what it’s about. The support you’ve shown me has been off the charts, and the encouragement to show parts of me that I kept buried for so long. Great letter!

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      • It really is tough to stay present. It is something I still struggle with. I am a worrier and trying to build a business sure doesn’t make that any easier. But it’s people like you and letters like this one that remind me that everything will be OK and that I am on the right track and I just have to keep pushing. I am so glad you found The Unsealed (or maybe I found you) and it’s had such a meaningful impact on you. You inspire me and I am excited to see us both continue to grow on this journey we call life. It will be cool over time to see the different things we write and share and collect over time on The Unsealed. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for believing in me. And Thank you for being a part of The Unsealed family, <3 Lauren

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