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    Angel (second chance) to my rainbow 🌈 baby

    I pray God send you back to me
    I loved you before I knew you
    I still love you
    My boo boo
    I will always love you
    You would have been 7 years old
    Some friends tell me Happy mothers day
    I smile to cover up the pain that’s inside of me
    It’s hard for me to open up to explain to others what happened
    I wish I knew what you would have looked like
    Still wonder if you were going to be a baby boy “Legend”
    Or a “Diamond” princess
    I wish I knew your favorite toy
    Your favorite cartoon
    favorite food
    favorite fruit
    favorite veggie
    favorite ice cream
    favorite hobby
    favorite color
    favorite book
    I know uncle Jimmy would have been your favorite uncle
    Sherice & Klanice your favorite twin aunties
    All I wanted was the best for you
    Lead you in the right direction
    I wanted you to have a father
    That knew the definition of being a father
    And act on it
    I was so happy when I confirmed I was due 3/30/2017
    But I was scared too
    So I sat down and thought everything through
    I rather have a child by a real man with father experience
    Even with no father experience but is ready and willing to sacrifice
    And do everything he can to make sure his child is well taken care of
    And I was guaranteed to have a real man that had my back one hundred percent
    Then I would have never had any doubts
    I still look at my ultrasound picture
    My body freezes up looking at my seed I was carrying
    Small thing you
    Sometimes as I sit and write
    But yet my kid not hugging or kissing me
    Or saying, “mommy I love you”
    I feel so empty inside
    The sorrow is so heavy
    So deep
    I pray God
    Bring me back my princess or prince
    Healthy and all.

    My little angel 😇 💛

    Author Dainnese Jackson

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