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    A simple compliment can go a long way

    When I first started my career as a pharmaceutical sales rep i was not very confident. I had just finished my masters in psychological counseling. But at the completion of that degree I decided to take a different route. Mu first position in pharmaceuticals was with Mead Johnson. You were my very first manager. As a pharmaceutical sales person it is required to do a ride along once a month with your manager. Your manager then observes everything you do during the day. Boy was I nervous but you Mr. Rosone calmed my fears.
    In addition, you would explaining best practices to me and encourage me to initiate more dialogue with the physicians. This terrified me but if I was ever to get better at my job I had to be more conversational with my accounts. One day you and I were in a doctor’s office. You asked the doctor his experience with one of my company’s drugs. The physician gave us feedback. You looked at me as to say you need to respond and give a thoughtful very comment. Well thru my nerves I started to rattle off a great response to the doctor’s objections. I felt like I did ok. When you and I got out to the car you told me my words were perfect. You told me I was very prepared and sounded very knowledgeable. You told me I could have a very successful career in this industry.
    That compliment and encouragement changed the trajectory of my professional career. Because I never thought I would succeed at anything except psychological counseling. Your support has echoed in my ear throughout my career. I always wanted to live up to your high expectations and prove you right. As a result I worked very hard throughout my professional life to be the shining star you thought I could be. I hope I have made you proud.


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