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    A Letter to My Future Self

    Dear Future Self,

    I hope you fall into yourself gracefully.
    I hope you find the love that’s meant for you
    And finally accept that
    what you’ve been you’ve been seeking
    This entire time is actually you.

    You in all your glory,

    Dear Future Self,

    I hope you stop taking on the pain of others as your own
    Because you thought empathy was the one true thing
    That made you human,
    That proved that you also deserved compassion.

    I hope you learn the difference between
    Existentialism and simply letting yourself exist.

    Dear Future Self,

    In the past, you would tell yourself “no” before you were denied access
    You binged on rejection
    Then threw up the anxiety
    You had the nerve to blame
    The ingestion of too much circumstance
    When you should have had more compassion on your plate
    You simply needed more time to digest your lessons

    You tricked yourself into thinking you weren’t ready
    When it’s been you
    Who was waiting on me to finally see clearly.
    Dear Future Self,

    How blessed you are to be human
    I’m glad you made it.

    Thank you for all that you have done.
    Thank you for the trip you took out the country that
    changed your perspective on the world
    Thank you for reminding me what it means to be alive
    Thank you for finding the love of your life
    By simply looking in a mirror
    And recognizing that true love exists
    Where your soul smiles the brightest.

    Dear Future Self,

    The book you wrote is phenomenal.

    Remember to thank the friends you now call family
    In the Forward.
    Remember to hug your loved ones deeply,
    And never forget to say “I love you”
    When you truly feel it

    Thank you for speaking up when needed.

    Dear Future Self,

    Thank you for falling into yourself gracefully.

    With love,

    The Past

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