• Joshua Haynes shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 weeks ago


    They view you like a waste of space. Yet you didn’t ask for sentience. You asked for cents to spend. Only the necessities, yet the contempt from being exempt often gets you sleep. With a mug in your midst you struggle to prove you’re a benefit. Life keeps lifing and the math is mathing to the point you become an integer. You force a smile when you’re addressed, like Amazon packages and that’s when you feel like a slave to payment but nobody ever cracked a whip. Pretty don’t pay the bills. You gotta buckle up. So that’s why they call it fasting then. So much can happen when you never practice a budget. You pay your dues with your heart and it is as if you asked them to love you. But trust clues that reveal you might never actually be properly appraised. Life has many receipts. But peace is one transaction that hardly ever comes with change.


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