• Joshua Haynes shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 weeks ago


    Circumstances have often hurt our changes. Scrutiny about how high our bands is often distance the persistence shown to become official. Self-doubt clouded the allowance of profoundness. It’s astounding the mountains that I’ve had to strived to climb just to be found him. My heart cringes at the thought of not being worthy of a Jersey on your team. Nevertheless, I do my best to prove I’m MVP. Maybe this is the reason they envy me. Is it the lack of green in my jeans or the esteem I bring to you? Maybe it’s the way off key I sing to you that don’t to you that shined like the pristine. My dreams were of a regime. Yet it would seem as if my means have been demeaned. And the gleam. That’s why some of thoughts are extreme. And my heart has been a beam. One I try to balance like any challenge. The hardest thing is realizing that takes talent.

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