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    “Water our hearts for ?”

    I wrote this because it called to me to express the amid the unrest in my journey through life—I loved. Fell in it, was found by it. But it was a struggle not to be drowned by it. Or the lack thereof. As It wasn’t always available but that which I had or offered prevailed as real, and thrived like the splashing otter. It was done with all of me. Yes the love I’d always seek. Each day before I would fall asleep. From my mother. Or A father. Those who I prayed regarded me. But God was sleep. He too rested and as a true destined offspring. I found that love was something that was found and a “lost” thing.

    There’s a brief moment when I freeze lonely. Realizing I might just be incomplete until my ends can meet. So as I breathe and think. I channel the belief of good fortune. Speaking it into existence. Like the speech of “Good Morning!” Whether it’s from sales or maybe from tales. If there’s a lot of fish in the sea. What’s to save me from whales? You know the ones that take up a large percentage of these trenches? I’ve been smitten by many a mistress from the rivers but only a few brought my heart a glimmer.

    Only a few knew that I waited with bated breath for a connection like I’d mongered dinner. That I wished to be their spoils like all that glitters. But in these hearts I sought, I never imagined there would be dark afflictions. That if one is exposed to the magic of love. They must consult with wizards. This has become such an awkward picture, one I’ve learned can be raw yet vivid.

    So much subterfuge arises when the ones you love feel entitled to say who’s man enough stand beside a her. Or whether I prefer something that’s often unbridled. So many waves of hate mount when you take count of how much love you’d given to women that grace found. To ladies who made your heart race like greyhounds. I used to ask Cupid for love. He decided not to waste rounds. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been taped down. Many times stuck in my feelings cause of the circumstances that left me feeling broke and without cash. To heal from all of the doubts, the laughs. The shade that loomed over me when I didn’t know how to love myself. How about dat? That I was like a plant. But only difference was I bloomed slow, it seemed. And as I manifested around the most outlandish blessings god sent this planet’s etchings, I found these assortments of women are often distorted by a lack of importance.

    That the hearts of many women. The ones I love. Loved. Have known many tortures. That the light of my life, could come from many torches. That love is a constant in the universe. And even when it seems to end. It still has many sources. Mainly, my point is….Whether of self or of others. Love is supposed to start with a mother. And sometimes many mortals grow up without that embrace to help shape them. If we’re all but fish to be caught in a basin—the irony is once you’re hooked, and they try to bring you from the way you float: One tug from where they stand reveals. Most boats ain’t really meant to contain fins.

    Not sure if this would be considered conditional. But in truth it was more of ritual I’d use just to get a clue. That humans do a lot of profuseness.

    I never knew the view of those I hold true would be forced into a margin. I always tried my hardest to

    - Sage
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    • Hello Sage,
      How amazing are your words. You are a very talented writer and I think you should continue to share your life’s journey. Stay strong and have an open heart.

      All the best,

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    • This poem is so goooddddd!! I LOVE IT! you certainly have a way with your words and your poetry is everything and is so deep. It is so true that love should start with a mother. I had one but she wasn’t nurturing my sister had to play the role of being a mother since my mom didn’t care for jus. even without the love from my mom I still feel like I know what love is because just like your heart the light of my sisters love filled my empty spots. also the title is so cute.

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