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    I’m hot but I like it mild
    Sometimes needy, labeled the wild child.
    Lucid Dreamer like the Pisces I am.
    Born on the only day that’s not always there….got me questioning LIFE from the day it began! Thank you.
    If you do the math I equal 55.
    But I failed that subject.
    Words over numbers that’s where I thrive. Trouble maker Too cool for school
    but finished that shit cuz I wasn’t no fool. Babies having babies so quick to be grown. Took on that roll
    I still proudly chill on that thrown.
    Thank you.
    My reasons to grind, a whole new light.
    My Pride n joys and Proof
    That I can do something right! Thank you. Welcomes more lost identity.
    Still Shandi but constantly morphed,
    searching for real serenity.
    Somedays up somedays down,
    sociable emotional, ready to get devotional. Thank you.
    Spread love n laughter
    maybe a people pleaser.
    Make plans to break plans,
    but follow thru with promises.
    I write to write about all these feelings just to read them at my own leisure.
    If you took a test about YOU
    would you pass or fail?
    Do you know what make ur own boat sail?
    I won’t answer my own questions…
    What if everything you have been told was wrong with you is actually everything that is right? Ok here comes the rabbit hole it’s time to say good night. Thank you!

    Shandi Lynn #SadGirlChronicles

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    • If you took a test about YOU
      would you pass or fail?
      Do you know what make ur own boat sail?

      I love that part of your piece. So many of us don’t know ourselves, or think we know ourselves and we don’t until we really take a pause. Thank you for sharing this insightful piece. <3 Lauren

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