• Cosmic Time

    Cosmic time has no clock but only transmutation of negative experiences and energy. Something you can never get back, is time. A person that spends their whole life in a mental prison, loses the reality of time. You will not actually escape that prison, until you dig deep and figure out why it is happening. Trauma at a young age can cause mental prisons. You can spend your entire life trapped in the vortex of dysfunctional thought patterns and behavior.

    It is never too late to transform your mind, so you can create the life you deserve.Cosmic time is inside of me, inside of you. We as humans have the ability to sink into our zen state, transform our life and create a better future. I have a world inside of me, as do you. Your own inner cosmos, waiting for you to acknowledge it. The mental prison I was in, did not start with me. One day I realized the people that I have lost in my life, died in a cycle. A cycle that started before me and before them. A line of ancestral chaos, wounds, mental prisons, addictions and death. A dark cloud that has only grown, being fed the innocence of my family heritage.

    I truly believe some of us are born into this world to be completely broken down, left feeling lifeless so we can awaken from the illusions. To feel the wounds of not just our own life, but our ancestors as well. Discover the true strength inside to withstand not just this life’s pain and experiences, but the pain and experiences of those who came before us. Open up to see the bigger picture and heal the brokenness of our DNA. The darkness that never got the chance to feel the light.

    Cosmic time is a sacred space inside of us all. Where you envision the most beautiful colors and sparks of magnetic light. Our own inner universe that is made up of purple, emerald green, rose pink, turquoise and any color that is unique to you and your journey.To tune into yourself on that level, you need to get yourself into a meditative state. Sinking deeper and deeper with each breath you take, until you are standing inside of your own inner world. A place that is made of love, happiness, healing light, and peace.

    You have the ability to take all your unpleasant experiences and transmute it. The suffering and agony of your ancestors can be healed through you. As you become more intune with the process, your transmuting ability will become stronger and more powerful. While venturing into your own consciousness and inner world, you may surface emotions or moments you hid away. You will also find strength. Choose to start with yourself, so it is not so overwhelming. Before we can help our ancestors we must first walk the path of healing our own pain. See the sparks of light floating all around you, let it pull the debri from your soul. Purify your vessel, allow the flow of your painful experiences and time lost be pulled to the surface. The sparks of light are magnetic and will help heal what you release. Let the experiences you have dismissed or tucked away inside of you, be set free. A form of grayish black energy will be released to the light that is hovering around you. If you open your mind to the experience you can see the release of the energy that is no longer serving you This light is meant to take all debri and transmute it.

    By clearing your own energetic field, you start to break the cycles of the past. While doing this, you can feel the energy work you are doing on yourself. Faint tingles will be felt all over your body. If you have a physical symptom or illness that is being strenuous in your life, you have the ability to transmute it. You can set your intention to help relieve some of the physical symptoms you are having. It is the same for painful life experiences as well.

    You will start to see and feel the transformation that you and your mind are doing together. It is ok to build a connection with your inner world, mind and spirit. Have patience with yourself and allow yourself to be in the flow of it. I have lost enough time trapped inside of my own mind. I have lost enough time giving my energy away, to people and things that didn’t serve my highest good. That time is something I will never get back. To be honest with myself and my life’s experiences can create resentment or anger within. With my own cosmic time, I am transmuting all in which I can not change. Transforming all of the lost time and painful moments into beautiful cosmic time.


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