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    What’s the answer

    In the depths of secrecy a storm quietly gathers,
    Challenges, with ovaries a struggle
    Medications combat the cries of pain
    Doubts creep in as time seems to wane.

    The idea of having children feels distant
    Anxiety builds with doctors delays persistent.
    Once secure now ovaries face uncertaintys grasp
    Decisions loom heavily making thoughts clasped.

    There is no comfort in this fight
    Yet bravery grows stronger with each daily plight.
    Strength is discovered in enduring lifes strife
    Hope perseveres amidst the life.

    Though fears and doubts may linger on
    Resilience emerges through this challenging con.
    In battles both seen and unseen, by all eyes
    A spirit endures, unyielding and wise.

    Rebecca engle

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