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    Within the corridors, where the echoes gradually fade
    There lies a hidden torment silently made.
    In the minds of those who strive and push
    Exist battles that few truly recognize.

    Amongst the books and academic commotion
    Deep shadows lurk, a hush, in motion.
    For college souls burdened and weary
    Depressions hold becomes a cloak to carry.

    Assignments pile up expectations soar
    Yet within storms rage and hearts deeply sigh.
    Smiles become faint behind veils they wear
    Concealing pain that’s far from being clear.

    Isolation hides within spaces grand
    Loneliness conceals itself with a friendly hand.
    Lost in the whirlwind of ceaseless days pace
    Depression whispers its message in ways.

    Craving solace amidst a crowds embrace
    Unheard cries and emotions shrouded with grace.
    Yearning for light to pierce through the gloom
    In this labyrinth searching for a room.

    Oh college hearts! Burdened and fragile you may be
    Your struggles remain unseen behind your veil so free.
    Know this; in darkness glimmers shall rise,
    Guiding you beyond murky skies disguise.

    Reach out! Let voices break through the nights hold tight
    And find strength and light together as one might.
    For, in shared burdens healing can be found profound
    And through empathys embrace hope can truly abound.

    Rebecca Engle

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