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    Sometimes saying “I Love You,” is meaningless.

    I’m a writer and words have meaning. My Dad was a Marine and for him Action is what matters. I don’t expect him to say I love you, because that is not the generation he grew up in where Men expressed emotions. Yet I know he loves me when he took care of his family and bought me action figures (Star Trek or Superheroes) even when I broke the last ones. I learn from my Dad to be more of a Man who may not always say what he feels but shows it. I’m not going to ever hear my Dad gush with emotions and I don’t need to.

    He didn’t say it when I was a little boy who wanted to make movies and he’s not going to say it now.

    Paradoxically, I do use the words, “I love you,” but only if I mean them and I have did some action to show it is how I feel. I’m not going too much into my personal life though. I do that by writing characters and using fiction as a basis for truths I have found in life.

    I have found some use “I love you” to manipulate others and their actions are the total opposite of Love. In writing and researching crime stories, I find Women and Men who have been abused verbally and physically by people who constantly say “I love you.”

    So as the son of a Marine, I will say, if someone really and truly loves you, they won’t have to say it. You will know it.

    Alex P. Michaels
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    • @prelude2cinema this is so true Alex. But sometimes the words are nice to here. You really should check out @telina27 letter. She talks about some similar feelings and emotions in regards to her relationship with her mother. Here is her article. https://theunsealed.com/activity/p/1710/

      My mother’s parents (my grandparents) also weren’t very good about expressing their feelings. But my mother said she always felt loved. With that said, my mom @shelleybrill very much made a point to be different with her children. She was and is an extremely affectionate mother. So you have the choice to be different if you so choose.

      For my mom, she always says that even thought they didn’t say “I love you.”
      She always felt loved. And as you said that is really want matters in the end.

      Go check out Telina’s letter and respond to her! I think you will like it.


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    • I feel like saying I love isn’t meaningless to certain people I think it’s only meaningless to the person who doesn’t feel the meaning behind the words truly. I’ve said I love you to many people but I’ve always felt forced and never really meant it. I don’t think I myself am a lovey-dovey person. I’ve only ever felt real meaning towards the word loved when I said it to god I felt love in my heart. I’ve understood now that my heart was hardened towards people in the world today. I’ve never really felt the need to be around others and always found it great to be alone. But now ive learned how to love and appreciate others around me. I’ve also learned that people are hurt and have traumatic pasts. I feel that the I love you sentence is only meaningless when you don’t mean it.

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