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    My Perfection

    As close to perfection
    A day can get
    It has to be filled with
    Joy, laughter and a good time
    Simplicity at its finest
    I picture a day filled with love
    Surprising my Bae with tickets
    To see one of her favorite comedians
    B. Simone
    Not ruining the surprise
    Being a little suspenseful
    ‘Cause the romance
    Should never die
    Keeping the spark alive
    Laughing uncontrollably
    From start to finish
    Seeing that smile on her face
    Means so much
    Any day with you makes the world
    Seem perfect
    Even though we know that not to be true
    You are quite a dream come true
    Any other day that could even measure up
    Would have to be filled with
    Rest, relaxation, some good music and poetry
    A warm bubble bath to soothe the tense muscles
    Forgetting the troubles of the day or week
    Allowing my self care to be my peace
    Resetting my intentions
    Cleansing my mind, body and spirit
    A perfect day can lead to many blessings
    I just pray for a day that is calm
    That leads to memories to be cherished
    And is close to my definition of perfection!

    Tracy B.

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    • Hello,
      Thank you for sharing. It’s the simple things that matter most in day to day life anyhow, they’re all puzzle pieces to life. All the listed suggestions sound very appealing.

      Write me back 

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