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    Returning Home From Hellas

    Dear Unsealers,

    Kalimera, from my office cubicle.

    It’s been four days since I’ve returned back to NYC from Greece. I’ve been alternating between being glad to be back home after the fourteen day trip and missing being out on the road. As this trip has been quite an odyssey, of the non-Homeric kind.

    Never did I imagine being able to climb up the Acropolis and seeing the Parthenon bathed in morning daylight. Or the twists and turns at Mycenae, the elevation to reach the monastery at Meteora and the seas of humanity at Fira and Oia. But I did all of it.

    Nor, did I imagine taking part in a Greek cooking lesson, and Greek dancing not once, but twice. Lest I forget, a soccer team, AEK Athens and their fans invaded our hotel in Crete with their chants bringing a smile to this soccer fan’s face.

    And for the big finish, a catamaran cruise around the islands of Santorini.

    With me at my most blissful state, going down the ladder with my shirt off into the water and not feeling self-conscious for even one second in doing so. Just soaking up the sunlight with my fellow travelers on a sunny day.

    The thirty two travelers in the group began to be like family as the trip went on, looking out for me as one of the few solo travelers.

    As I responded to the email from the customer service department of the travel company used to book this trip, I couldn’t help but feel sad after I pressed send. After nine months of waiting and fourteen days of travel, this chapter of the travel story is closed. I haven’t been adjusting well to being back on this side of the Atlantic, though.

    The sadness of being home will pass. Yet, the memories of this trip will stay with me forever. And there’s always the next trip to plan for.

    I’m hopeful that I’ll be back on the road traveling internationally at this time next year.

    A heartfelt Yamas! to our guide Dina, to our drivers during the trip Yannis, Nikos and Vorgios, to the college students and professional dances that joined us in Crete and to the thirty one fellow travelers that joined me on this trip.

    The company that one is with makes the journey all the more special, as this trip was.


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    • Aww Oswald, the trip sounds amazing. I have always wanted to go to Greece. You will be back on the road or in the air again soon. <3 Lauren

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    • Hello Oswald,
      I am glad you had such a wonderful trip and you were in the oompany of such lovely. people. I hope you will be able to travel more.


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