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    Hello Everyone!
    I’m new to The Unsealed. The site caught my eye because of the backstory and I believe the contests seem interesting. I’m a writer with a handful of poems published.
    This is my first letter so I thought I’d introduce myself briefly. I am a recovering addict with some mental health issues. I also have two daughters and a grandson. I live in the house my grandparents raised me in before they passed away.
    When I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy photography, swimming, hiking, listening to music, traveling to places I’ve never been and painting ceramics.
    I’m also a Scorpio.

    Donetta Sifford

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    • Welcome to The Unsealed, Donetta! Your introduction is truly beautiful, and your devotion for writing shines through. Your journey of healing and strength is inspiring, and it’s wonderful to hear about your creative goals and love for exploration. I look forward to reading more of your letters and sharing in this community with you.

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