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    The light is within you

    A seed is planted in the ground with purpose, igniting a fire, taking up space
    A new life is born
    Our ancestors were born at a precise moment in time
    Allowing you, me, we to be born
    Written in the stars we were to live in this moment
    A mosaic of all those who came before
    Walking alongside us, growing with us
    Time alive is precious

    Flowers inside of you and me
    Garden of thoughts of who we are and becoming to be
    Pluck out the weeds, but observe their growth
    Understand why they do, what are weeds saying to you
    Conserving energy to understand what makes you thrive
    Stretching roots can be scary, but who knows what’s on the other side
    Growing pains sometimes they are
    Yet I still rise
    Some days can be filled with rain and storms
    Normalize the rainbow of emotions to find freedom

    Watch the birds, bees, and butterflies fly through, around, and over you
    Benefiting of off your gifts to the world,
    Watch and observe and don’t forget to treat yourself
    Find your tribe to support you, the flowers around you
    Authentic in their own right, different and diverse, as are you

    Strong rooted in community
    All together growing and blossoming
    Growing at your own pace and glistening

    In this world don’t be anything but you
    The light is within you


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    • “Conserving energy to understand what makes you thrive”
      I read this line over and over again! I even wrote it down because this is something I have struggled with for a while, I want to conserve healthy energy and give that same energy back. Thank you for planting the seed. 🙂

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      • Hi Gie, thank you for your time to read my poem. I appreciate your kindness to share your time and thoughts with me. Your comment means a lot. I am honored that line resonated with you. I wholeheartedly feel with you as that is an area too that I am working on. We are on the journey together. Cheers to growing and nurturing ourselves. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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