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    A Short Trip In Space

    Dear Virgin Galactic And The Tourists,

    It’s been over a week since you all flew to a place very few have had an opportunity to see in person. Space! It’s well-known and mysterious at the same time, because of the places we don’t know that’s out there.
    The morning I had the privilege to see you all take that incredible ride into space, It started off as a typical morning. I turned my tv and went to CBS News because that channel gives me comfort. Plus I really like the reporters they have on that channel. They do an outstanding job of covering news.

    When CBS News came up, it showed two reporters talking as usual about a current event that happened.A few minutes later, CBS showed your ship and your crew about to take off in space. I was so excited to see what was going on with you and the people you would be taking along for the ride.

    The crew members look so calm going up high in the sky. I was excited but nervous for them as I watch them rise up, like a person who had just discovered high self-esteem. When the tourists started to float out of their seats, I couldn’t believe it. I had seen that happen in so many movies on space. But to see it happen for real was surreal to me.

    When you reach out in the space, I was thrilled like the tourists and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Seeing Earth like it looks in science books was too much for me. Seeing that bright light that looked like the sun made an already unreal experience even more unreal to me.

    ”Space is real. Earth how it looks in various pictures is real. The sun is real too. Floating in space is real also”, I thought.

    I would get nervous, hoping that nothing bad would happen to you all being up there in space. Thankfully, you all would eventually landed back on Earth a couple minutes later.

    If I was feeling various emotions from watching your flight experience, I can’t imagine what it must of felt like to actually live the experience. So thank you for giving me (and others who watched it) a taste of the space life.


    Gerald Washington

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    • Aww Gerald, What a nice piece. Going into space does seem so cool yet so scary, Thank you for sharing your experience/perspective. As I do all your pieces, I love this! <3 Lauren

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      • Thank you, Lauren. Yeah, going to space looks so exciting but scary because of the flight. My pleasure. I’m glad you loved my pieces and this one too! I appreciate it very much. <3 Gerald

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