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    A little note reminding that it’s okay to ask for help

    Trembling inside,
    Without fail, my brain is at it again.
    The memories burn a hole right through me.
    My identity has been stolen.
    The person I was has left the scene.

    Losing sense of self just adds to the trauma.
    I can’t ignore the stream of abuse that I unleash on myself.
    I fall into the trap of creating needless drama and
    Feeling helpless challenges my mental health.

    When there’s no one to turn to because they all let you down,
    It becomes harder to trust.
    When I need help the most, no one is ever around.
    However, that’s what depression would have me believe.

    Never letting people in, will only make matters worse.
    They may give you a different perspective you hadn’t thought of.
    Living with a brain that fights you back, feels like a curse.
    But I know it’s possible to see a new day and rise above.

    Only when you count yourself out, then your outlook seems grim.
    It really does get better if you hold on a little while longer.
    So don’t let your light grow dim.
    Keep shining and you’ll find out that you’re stronger than you think!

    Ashley Rivera

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    • Ashley, You are so much stronger than you think. Keep trying to change the narrative in your head towards a positive one. Minute by minute, day by day, you will start to feel better. Your strength is fighting for you! You got this! We are cheering you on. <3 Lauren

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