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    Trenches Below the OCD Tunnel

    Dear Unsealers,

    I write this poem today to not fixate on my problems with OCD but to demystify OCD and fight through the silent sufferings that overtake me on countless days like this. I just want to provide an outlet for those who are in the throws of OCD or other mental illness.

    Awoke this morning with urgency on my mind,
    There never feels like there’s enough time.
    I’m flattened by the pressure to belt another OCD rhyme.
    It’s a treacherous road to be on when my heads running the show, I can see the signs.

    I lose track of what I’m doing,
    I cram all these thoughts through a hopeless search.
    I’m stuck in a rut and not even moving,
    I’m attached to every urge.

    The blocks of words keep stacking on me like Tetris.
    My expression is like I’ve seen a ghost.
    I hate listening to my OCD like playing fetch—‘Just go fetch this!’.
    It puts me through a ringer of roasts.

    If only it would tell me what I want to hear,
    The voices so unclear.
    I could socialize again,
    And it wouldn’t wear me out so thin.

    I wouldn’t be out of bounds again,
    I could keep my days open.
    The final touch would be that I’m free of being stuck in the trenches.
    I’ll be out of OCD’s clutches,
    And I’ll rise out on top despite all the punches.

    It’ll grab me by the shoulder,
    But I’ll avoid every blunder.
    My inner prison will break down like thunder .

    Ashley Rivera
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    • Hi Ashley,

      It’s so brave of you to share this with your struggles and put it in beautiful poetic words!

      I like how you poem reminds me of slam poetry, it’s to the point and I can imagine a beat when I read through it. I like your own interpretation with how you deal with OCD. I feel like everyone might have different or relatable experinces . I have GAD, generalized anxiety, but I understood the rut you put there. Ocd is connected to anxiety, which puts its claws in us and can even tear our physical heath.

      Anyway, very well done here, i actully like the picture you put because it normalize Medication. Like it’s no big deal, which I truly like.

      All the best,

      Danni cat whiskers

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    • Ashley!! This is so good! It really captures how your mind and the anxiety associated with OCD impacts you. Writing is so powerful, I can feel you processing and facing your struggles.You are so strong. Never forget that. This poem is great. Sending love.


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