• To the Soul it May Concern

    I love you;
    Not because of some kind of predisposition or God’s predetermination;
    I love you as you were and as you’ve been.
    From the time you were a child to the time of a teen,
    From the good, bad, ugly, pretty, and in between; I must say,
    What I adore most is your divine strength.
    I admire your beauty at its very core
    And they say, beauty is pain, but you somehow wear it so well;
    However fashionably late, I love the way you dress yourself.
    From the aura that circles you
    To the sweat that drips from your pores.
    There are not enough words in my vocabulary that can describe the beauty that is yours,
    But by definition it is quite frankly your essence:
    God fearing, divinely strong,
    Your presence alone can make hell nervous, just as much as it feels like home.

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