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    MLT I 💜 you!

    Mikaela Lauren Tick,

    March 7th is your birthday. I was planning to post this on the 6th, as it would fit the theme… premature, or just because this is so hard to get through that I wanted to do it early.

    Then again, it is the 6th in California, where my sister lives – who is due to give birth on the 9th.

    So, who knows, she can be getting contractions as I write this! .

    Hello future Weber,

    For future comparison, please note: the line below details what time this sentence was written:
    Sentence was completed at 9:33 pm 3.6.24 (PST)

    I will see you soon!


    Uncle Jakey💜

    Anyway, back to the premature thing.

    MLT YOU💜 ME because I was born prematurely at 1lbs 13 oz, giving me cerebral palsy – It feels really weird to be talking about myself in YOUR bday card, CONVENIENTLY weird!

    Your favorite thing to do was to ASK me how I was doing and there to share all the moments with me🥲

    Alright, let us get back to MYSELF🤔 I think that would make everyone happy😂

    In all seriousness, you ARE at your HAPPIEST when the attention is on others. I’ll take it and run!

    Our relationship iS STILL as close as ever!

    I may not be able to physically hug you, but I know YOU ARE STILL HERE because I see the signs:

    Whether it’s with family or things that I do, I do NOT doubt that you did not have anything to do with Lexi, finding a Jeffrey, Ryan finding a Pamela (I’m a little upset with that one because there is only one Pamela Tick, but that’s ok, Pamela’s maiden name is Katz (like Nanny Sheila’s)!

    The Unsealed with LAUREN, my psychologist —who has a disability, and lost a cousin, my best friend, Mack, who I met at a special Olympics event!

    In these ways, YOU ARE IMPACTING EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY ME, SHOWING ME, that love can be experienced by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, disability or not!

    I would say, until we see each other next time, but I see you EVERYDAY!

    Until I can give you a PHYSICAL HUG, sending all of them up into HEAVEN! That and a Black & White Cookie for Papa Donald!


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    • Hey Jake, I hope your sister’s delivery goes smoothly. I know your presence is felt every day, and your impact on everyone’s lives is undeniable.

      Write me back 

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