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    Post meeting - 1/25/2023

    Hey community!

    Tonight’s meeting was about getting to know other community members and their stories of struggle and their inspiration of overcoming these difficult times. I felt a sense of togetherness even though our paths are different that we all face events to where we can either give up and just accept what happened us or are we going to build off a low and use this event to show how strong our spirits are! If we harvest all this inspiration and encouragement that we heard tonight then you ‘ll use this positive energy to not only expect to have a great day tomorrow but to share it to make someone else’s day better too. We are meant to be there for each other. Almost no one lives on their own island avoiding the world even though those people who isolate deserve their peace too.

    The Unsealed though, we’re a community of broken people who have found their way, their voice and their story. Your story adds value to yourself and to the eyes of others who respect you. I want to thank everyone who shared a piece of their lives tonight as you proved that your brave and you have purpose. I appreciate you as a fellow member and may you have a blessed rest of your week. #KindnessMatters #Bringafriend #GrowTheUnsealed #LoveWins

    Jamie Ellifritz

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