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    Post meeting - Jon Vaughn

    Tonight’s guest Jon Vaughn was one where you reflect back on the reason why any of us join The Unsealed. Lauren’s message when you become a member is “share your truth” and tonight’s truth that Jon shared tonight was a lot of depth into the dark side of being a sexual assault victim. I personally had learned of his story while watching Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in 2021. Tonight I learned so much more of the troubles he had as a youth of having to survive sexual assaulted prior to his time at the University of Michigan. All I kept thinking is please world can we create an atmosphere of home life of safety and where a kid can just be a kid. Why is this such a difficult environment to provide for so many. He escaped that abusive situation in order to feel free only to be taken advantage of by more adults that you’d think could be trusted. I’m thankful and proud to see how he’s managed the entire list of events of by the flaws of humanity and he’s had not only the courage to stand up to the school for what they covered up but also representing many other voices like his. I believe through listening to Jon’s story tonight we can all take with us that for who we knew as a Jon Vaughn the football player before the meeting we can leave understanding that Jonathan Vaughn the youngster, that still lives in inside of him deserves our love and respect too. Thank you Jon for getting out of bed today. You made it worth it for us and I hope we made it worth it for you. The Unsealed community has your back. Yes, even here where Buckeye Nation exists in Ohio. Life is greater than football. Humanity is one team.

    Jamie Ellifritz
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