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    Post meeting - 1/5/2023

    Good evening,

    Tonight’s meeting had great insight by a medical professional and former NFL athletes and former Browns head coach Hue Jackson regarding the traumatic heart event that happened Monday night to Bills defensive player Damar Hamlin. Before tonight’s meeting it was outstanding to hear the news released from the hospital today that Damar was improving by opening his eyes and being responsive and even wrote asking, “who won the game”? As I shared in the meeting that once I heard on Monday night of the procedure they were taking with Damar in the ICU it took me back to my father’s heart attack in 2016. This was both positive and negative to flashback on. I shared details of my personal story in a letter to Lauren and The Unsealed community so if you haven’t read it please check it out. As the world continued to pray with concern for Damar and everyone affected by the event on the field I felt a little more optimistic having a good idea knowing his recovery ahead thanks to my father’s journey. As Damar still sits in ICU I’ll continue to pray all these positive thoughts to him and his family (including his teammates) that his survival is the ultimate blessing. Regardless of what he does the rest of his life I’m sure Damar will truly feel blessed and loved beyond words. Just wait until he hears about the donations for his Go Fund Me account! I can’t wait to see him welcomed by his teammates maybe even at a home playoff game in front of the very fans that love him the most. I remember that feeling of seeing my dad outside the hospital again post surgery. It was amazing. Head shaking. Almost unreal but thankfully I was in the position to help save my father. The real heroes are the EMS and all medical personal that handle those kind of pressures everyday as a career. I’m confident Damar will have some awesome moments ahead. I don’t care if he ever plays football again but if he ever does I’ll be watching in support.

    CPR certified medical professionals helped save Damar’s life. My CPR training as a former coach, former youth leader and most importantly just being a son who loves his father is why i can say that i’ll get to celebrate his 73rd birthday this month on the 25th. Please, get CPR training. Someone’s life may count on it one day.

    See you next week everyone and thank you for being a part of this special community. Let’s grow it with love one story at a time. Have a blessed rest of your week!

    Jamie Ellifritz
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