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    To my fellow Americans ... which Freedoms are we “celebrating” exactly?

    Honestly, I had a difficult time “celebrating” Memorial Day this year. Obviously there is a debate to be had of whether a day of remembrance of the dead deserves celebration; but in this country it has been celebrated, as a day of rest and “freedom”.

    This year, it felt kind of pointless to me. Yes those who have served and died, still deserve to be honored of course; but the freedom bit … that felt more bogus than ever.

    Spirit brought to my attention this beautiful clip of Marian Anderson singing at the National Mall, over 82 years ago [https://youtu.be/XF9Quk0QhSE ]. It got me thinking…

    How much has actually changed?
    How much has changed in name only?
    What happened to all this “progress”?

    Have we not become a country of a gilded age?-Shiny and idealized on some levels, and oh so cheap and broken inside, where it actually counts?

    Was it always this way? Was it always so shoddily made; and our hope and constant strive for better just deceived us all out of seeing it?

    I watched these people stand in this clip 82 years ago, and could not help but think that not a single one of them was really free. How could we look upon them who fought for, and promised their children better, when we and their great grandchildren would still be facing some of the same issues (or worse) all these years later?

    Personally, I am of the school of thought that no government can free you anyway. They should honor and create space for it to stretch its wings of course; but in my experience, Freedom comes from above and inside you.

    That being said, I detest that this country (among others), can still proclaim freedom as one of their attributes, while constantly cutting away at it, with an increasingly deteriorating, destructive, and divisive way of being.

    I weep to see people wasting time and energy fighting amongst themselves, or waiting with baited breath for someone “in charge” to do something. I don’t know yet what we do from here; but I pray we stop looking cycles of insanity in the face, screaming or crying in their general direction, and then again turning away until the next uproarious event.

    Our ancestors, children, and ourselves deserve much better than this.

    I hope you are all keeping well and safe, and finding your own ways to explore and elevate Freedom.

    Thank you for helping me have an outlet to express my piece 🧩 (until lasting peace is found).

    Be Blessed.
    With LoveLight & LightCodes…
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    • Dear Danielle,
      When reading your letter I felt your frustration. Each person’s experience with freedom in this country is different. As a country we can do much better to bring all people from all different backgrounds into the fold.
      My experience has been different from yours. I know for sure our country has a lot of flaws but I always think about what it would be lije to luve in a strict communist country where you have absolutely no voice, no rights and no freedoms. Whatever your experience is, it is still far better then what other people suffer with. We all have to work hard to make sure are freedoms remain intact and our politicians hear our voices. I know someone like you will continue to speak out and your words will I hope not fall on deaf ears. I think we will eventually get to a place where you will feel the joy of living in a free democracy.

      Best wishes,

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      • Dear Danielle,
        What a powerful letter! I really enjoyed reading this. I’m sure a lot of other people can resonate with your words. I understand your frustration and where you are coming from. With good there is also bad, and there is certainly a lot that could be changed about this country. I love how you mention that many people look for answers outside of themselves, when in reality it’s been within them all along. “Freedom comes from above and inside you.” This is such a powerful statement, one that resonates with me deeply. We are born with natural freedoms that no one can take away from us. You are right that our future children deserve better than what we have right now. That’s why we have to work towards securing them a grander future where they will never have to worry about their freedoms being taken away from them.

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    • I understand your dilemma. The world seems to have a problem with change. It’s within the means of race, political opinions, and the lgbtq community. How could the united states be united when we are mainly divided. We claim to be the solution when we even have a division in politics, democrats vs. republicans and also race black vs white and the lgbtq vs. the straight community. Yes, we’ve grown past certain situations from past experiences you can’t deny that but there is a hold on those growths. When you think something is striving it’s actually is a downfall. For example, the world we live in is like the stock market. We rise and fall and never at a steady rate. One day we rise and hit the green charts and in the next hour we drop and hit the red charts. It’s hard to put faith in humans because you never know their true mindset and could never tell what they are thinking. It’s hard to depend on a place that claims we have freedom. Yet we are also trapped in a mental prison. Everything that was once good is now looked at as evil, and everything evil is now looked at as good. It’s hard to change a society that’s has already fallen.

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