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    A Chosen Generation

    Dear Larita,
    I hope you find this letter in perfect peace and don’t take this as a simple letter, but this is a warning for your life. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by this civilization opinions and societies stereotypes. Most importantly this place is a Mirage and it is invented to destroy us as a human. We cannot be backed into a corner any longer, because I have finally learned somewhat of who I am. This place is meant to distract you and keep your from finding out that God predestined us to be something wonderful. Yes fearfully and wonderfully made is exactly who we are. You do not have to take anyone’s disrespectful negativity from this day forward. You have the right to say No, I don’t won’t to or No, I am not interested. This is the first thing in standing up and not being manipulated or deceived by anyone or anything.

    Larita Harris
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    • Aww @divinedreams, your letter to yourself is so on point. Definitely don’t allow anyone to ever be disrespectful to you.

      In my life, I have something called the circle of peace. The people in the circle bring peace to my life and anyone who tries to disrupt my peace – boyfriends, friends, whoever – I kick out of the circle. I do not allow people to have access to me if they disrupt the peace in my life.

      And about saying, No. You have every right to set whatever boundaries you want in your life. You are always allowed to say no. And when you do always stay firm to that “No.” Don’t let people pressure you into things that you know you do not want to do. It’s never worth it.

      Lastly, you are DEFINITELY here to do something wonderful. In fact, I am sure you have already done many wonderful things. And I can’t wait for you to share it with all of us <3.

      with love,

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