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    Just Because

    Dear Superwomen,

    As I noticed March coming to an end, which makes me aware that women’s month awareness closing it curtains for next year. It makes me wonder why does it have to be a month to honor women for what we’ve been through? Why can’t it just be everyday, just acknowledging our accomplishments and hardships. Of course, it can be too much to ask, but sometimes any type of celebrations can be good or bad. If there’s holiday, a special month for awareness, there will always be a disagreement how this main event shouldn’t be or how it should be celebrated.

    As a young woman, I always had someone give me their opinion. Even though I didn’t ask for it. The way I dress, the way I present myself, and what makes a perfect woman.

    Everyone will always have their opinion on gender, may it be male or female, non-binary, or transgender. However, it should just be up to the person how they want to live their lifestyle.

    All I want truly as a young woman:.

    I want to safely jog at night without the worry of getting jumped.

    I don’t want anyone to point out that my cleavage is showing.

    I don’t want someone to tell me to not curse, since it’s not ladylike of me.

    I’m tired having to check in with my friend to make sure the person I’m on a date with not a creep. Or Vice versa.

    I hate to go on a public transportation, I hate having the feeling of being watched or being felt up. I’m not a doll, I’m a human being. Don’t project your fantasies on to me.

    Everyone has a place, but don’t ever tell me to know my place since I’m a woman. You are above me, you say, hate to break it you. No one will ever be above me except myself because I know myself and the role I play in this world the best.

    I don’t want a requirement for a job that women must wear make-up unless it’s the fashion/acting industry which I kind of get. However, why is it okay to be pressured to show so much skin on screen and magazines, but I barely see much male anatomy while women anatomy everywhere.

    Why are we pinning against other women. The other woman always get all the hate, but why don’t I see much of the husband or a divorce paper. Your husband made the vow, not her, don’t forget that’s. Always remember, your worth more than being sloppy seconds, never settle for less.

    Age-gap relationships is a grey area. Why a lot of women date older men. Love is love, yes, but grooming and minor is enabling. We’re making it all okay and normal, through many ways, but we all know it’s wrong. We just don’t say because of the habit for allowing things to be like that for so long.

    Why do I need to look a certain way before sex, don’t you know how expensive maintenance is and the cramping of bending down to shave.

    Why do I have to have all this responsibility preventing pregnancy. I have to pay for healthcare, also it’s a lot harder to get the pills, and I could be getting some life-threatening side effects later on in life.

    You can get deals with condoms, someone said condoms are too expensive, and I’m over here like I’m paying more on my life here to enjoy safe sex. Deal with it, takes two to tango, but it’s still my body and I choose what I want to do with it. I’m not you, you’re not me, everyone has different lifestyles because it’s our own life. That’s why choices are created, we get a choice how we want to live our life, why make it harder and unnecessary if you have never walked close to the same path as me.

    When someone says no, they mean it, no.

    Keep being amazing everyone,



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    • It’s so crazy now that I think about it we have a lot of months where they honor a group of people. Like Black History month and so on and so forth. But like you said why can’t it be honored daily. Why can’t changes happen for women now. We only get knowledges for a second and pushed into another season. Too much is reoccurring. If we honored this all the time I’m sure things would be limited or stopped by now.

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    • Thank you, I love all that you said. It really bothers me how women (who bring lives in existence) means everyone living is due to a woman lying on her back/side no matter what way, bearing hours of pain to bring upon life, yet we’re not even being treated as second class citizens, treated practically not as a citizen/human at all. We’re put down in every way possible, and now being told how and how not to use our (OWN) bodies. How can anyone walk up to me and tell me, and inform me, I can no longer make decisions on bringing life or not bringing life into this world. All these men making decisions about women and their bodies wouldn’t be here if their wasn’t for women, if their births had been stopped years ago. When they make these decisions they’re cursing/belittling all women, including their mothers, and the worst thing about it, “They don’t care”, but one day they will. Everyone will pay for their mistake whether on earth or after.

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    • The responsibility of being a woman is almost overwhelming. We are expected to look pretty and sit straight and shut up while the world walks all over us. We are forced to protect ourselves from everyone because boundaries don’t apply to people we don’t know. We live in a man’s world. Mind you not all men are the same; however majority rules. I feel for you and every other person who feels the overbearing weight of this. Thank you for speaking up.

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