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    a dream about a hospital

    ~getting help is traumatic~

    Wake up in an unfamiliar cold bed
    Warm blanket, back exposed
    Not sure how you got there-
    but you did it to yourself

    Fighting tubes- back to sleep
    You only wanted to apologize
    They will never understand
    And again- you never want to wake up

    Rushed back into full consciousness
    No compress for your bruised arms
    Honesty becomes your worst enemy
    when all you want is to go home

    Neighboring, neglected withdrawal cries
    A midnight delusional in your room
    Halls filled with the souls of strangers
    You never asked to be woken up

    Rough socks, ammonia scented floor
    Bolted windows- no escape
    All you want is to go home-
    but you did it to yourself


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    • Sometimes the the things that all us to grow and heal are the most uncomfortable in the moment. But it takes so much courage to do whatever it takes to get better.

      Also, the mention of socks stuck out to me. A girl I went to high school with started GripCity Socks after being admitted twice. I think you might find her story interesting. https://gripcitysocks.com/pages/about-us.

      Keep fighting for yourself. Things will get better. We are cheering you on every step of the way.


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      • It is for sure a “by all means necessary” situation and I am better for it. I think others may commiserate that when looking back on the situations that land you there and the experiences you have there- the loss of autonomy & fishbowl feeling, it’s all a trauma. I’m undecided on whether there’s truly a place for such a thing or if there needs to be a least-restrictive overhaul.
        Kudos to her for starting that. As a recovered “return customer” I’d say anything that can make you feel more human and dignified in that setting is a win.

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