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    #amwriting on Twitter

    A beautiful thought too hot to swallow
    I’d chirp and choke instead of sit and settle
    a small inspired smile.

    I’d write 160 characters and move on
    instead of rest to grow a full poem, story or song.

    I’d gain hearts and attention
    loose intention, diligence, and wholeness.

    It was time to move on. let go of those I followed and the thousands that followed me.

    in favor of
    a #wip book over an un-copyrighted timeline
    a journaled analysis of thriving thought over half-formed power sentences.
    a private creative exploration over a content mill.

    the community is missed, the dopamine was admittedly hard to sever.

    new social-less freedom is celebrated and honored with pen to page
    the safety of privacy a call to develop and release intentionally, when the time is right, the work been done

    no more rushes of acceptance and outside validation, no more ability to do the same for others

    but maybe meaningful words aren’t meant to be fast.


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    • I used to feel like Twitter was a playground for adult bullies. It was exhausting. I like spaces where I can express myself in full and let out all of my thoughts. Thank you for sharing <3 Lauren

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      • Definitely. It was a great niche space I was in and I loved the people (no bullies thankfully) but I noticed I was spending my inspiration writing tweets instead of writing projects like books or short stories or full poems. It was like having the quick satisfaction of putting out a short thought was overtaking actually doing the work of something that could amount to more.

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