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    The Black Box

    In shadows of my childhood, a tale unfolds,
    Of a fractured family, where sorrow molds.
    A black box whispers secrets long untold,
    A narrative of pain, in letters penned in gold.

    Tiny voices echoed in the paper’s embrace,
    Innocence scrawled, each heartfelt trace.
    “Daddy, where are you?” in a child’s grace,
    Penning pleas and dreams in a desperate chase.

    A brother’s memory, a phantom in the past,
    Gone at three months, a love that couldn’t last.
    His clothes, a reminder, in the box amassed,
    A tragedy’s echo, a life’s fleeting contrast.

    Mom and Dad, once entwined, love turned to strife,
    A broken bond, unraveling the threads of life.
    Divorce’s bitter aftermath, carving like a knife,
    Pain’s cruel dance, as they battled inner strife.

    Enter a new man, a chapter of despair,
    Abuse’s cold touch, a burden hard to bear.
    Fifteen years of shadows, a relentless snare,
    In a house of torment, where love was rare.

    In the dance of addiction, Dad lost his way,
    A little girl’s hero, fading to shades of gray.
    Baby pictures and letters, memories in disarray,
    In a black box, fragments of a yesterday.

    Letters pleading, a child’s silent scream,
    “Daddy, do you hear us?” in every desperate theme.
    Abandonment’s weight, a river of tears extreme,
    In the echoes of silence, love became a dream.

    Through the haze of addiction, love’s flame grew faint,
    In the heart of a child, an enduring plaint.
    A father lost, a bond left to taint,
    In the dance of shadows, a life left to acquaint.

    In the black box’s whispers, the past does unfurl,
    A symphony of sorrow in this broken world.
    Yet, within the pain, resilient spirits swirl,
    Hoping for healing in the journey’s twirl.

    Abigail J Stopka

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    • Wow! Abigail. This is so good. I am so sorry about all the hardships you and your family have endured. You are clearly strong and with a beautiful heart. Keep moving toward wherever there is light. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being part of The Unsealed family. <3 Lauren

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