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    Overstimulated (Past Tense)
     stimulate physiologically, or mentally to an excessive degree

    Overwhelmed (Past Tense)
     bury or drown beneath a huge mass
     defeat completely

    The words many, including myself, use to describe motherhood.
     the state of being a mother

    Those words are not within the definition.
    In motherhood you are expected to be all things
    But not overwhelmed & overstimulated
    Expected to heal without pain
    Or complain
    Expected to love and adore your children
    But never warned of the days you wish you weren’t one
    Wonder what life would be like without being
    Overstimulated and overwhelmed.
    “Don’t complain” they say “someone yearns for your blessing”
    “Don’t cry” they say “you must show the children strength”
    “Don’t yell” they say “you may cause lifelong trauma”
    Everyone seems to have an opinion,
    on what a mother mustn’t do in motherhood
    But have you sat down and thought about this
    A mother experiences a level of hormones that no other human could possibly comprehend
    You spend months knowing with your entire being you are crazy.
    Your body spend months growing a human.
    Your organs literally shift,
    Have you ever felt the toes of a growing child in between your ribs?
    Most woman experience complications,
    Those come with grief, pain and failure
    Then you give birth,
    Most traumatically,
    A pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
    Then your sent home with no help outside of your family
    Husbands return to work,
    Children to school
    And mom;
    Expected to carry the home,
    While recovering,
    In the fourth trimester.
    Expected to breastfeed because formula could never be good enough
    Expected to care for a innocent, fragile newborn;
    While experiencing an entirely new set of hormones.
    Post partum depression
    Post partum anxiety
    Post partum pain!
    A child grows while a mother does her duty
    What is that duty you ask?
    Suppress every thing for the sake of your child’s wellbeing.
    Children grow up and go out into this world;
    Where is mom?
    Still stuck in the first stage of motherhood,
    Added overstimulated and overwhelmed,
    Topped with depression and suppression,
    Sprinkled with tons of defeat.
    Motherhood is the ugly truth!

    AL Gonzalez

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    • Aww motherhood is definitely the hardest job and we don’t give women enough credit or support. This is so real and I admire you so much. You are a wonderful and strong mom – A great example for your children.

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    • Wow, you did a great job explaining what motherhood is. I’m sure you grew your children in a great way and it made me look back on how my mother grew up and it made me understand that she probably had some things that she had to keep in and that she had to draw herself away from to grow us. Thank you for sharing your perspective on motherhood, and opening my eyes to how it is to be a mother if I ever become one in the future

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