I once didn’t think success was possible, but here is how I found it

To: Those who think they can't succeed

From: Brian Goldstein (As told to Lauren Brill)

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To those who think they can’t succeed, 

You may follow me on social media and see all my expensive cars, or maybe you don’t know me at all. But I am only in my mid-30’s, and I run a business that does more than nine figures in a year. 

However, there was a point in my life where I didn’t see much for my future. The closest thought I had to a dream was hoping to live for the next day without doing something stupid that would get me killed. 

I often did so much dumb shit that could have cost me my life because I had no fear of death. Starting at around ten years old, I was riding dirt bikes, jumping my bicycle off of huge hills, luging down steep hills on a skateboard, and stealing my parents’ car, and taking it for a joy ride. 

Throughout my childhood, I was very angry. I grew up in a hostile environment with lots of violence, and I didn’t care about my life. In school, I excelled in math and science, but in every other subject, including Physical Education, I failed because I didn’t try. One year, I missed 52 days of school. The school placed me in Special Education. 

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By my senior year, something clicked in my head, and I just said, “Hey, it’s time to grow up and start doing things and really planning for what’s next.”

I began to realize I wanted a future beyond just making it through the next day. When I graduated, my father handed me the keys to a family business and told me to figure it out. But shortly after, we got in a fight, and he told me he didn’t believe I would ever amount to anything. 

I began to realize I wanted a future beyond just making it through the next day.

That dispute motivated me to prove him wrong. It was a healthcare business, and I didn’t know much. At 17, the only skill I had was networking. So, I started going to doctors to market the business. Quickly, I began to grow the business by over a million dollars a month in sales over existing sales. While I hit some road bumps along the way, I hustled, and I figured out how to run and grow the business exponentially. 

In my mid 20’s, I had a lot of money, which was great, but I still didn’t feel happy or fulfilled. 

After getting divorced at a young age, I knew I wanted to find the right partner. Traveling and dating a lot, I began to leave my little bubble. Then, just before my 30th birthday, I went to a house party where I ran into a woman I vaguely knew. We clicked right away, and it was not long before she moved in with me. 

She’s been incredibly supportive as I grow and heal. There are times when I have mood swings or display anger. She understands that it’s a trigger from my past and helps me talk through whatever I am feeling at that moment. Together, we have a five-month-old daughter. 

My wife gives me unconditional love in a way that’s comforting and supportive. There are no drugs or alcohol in our home, and we are hands-on parents – especially my wife. She is a superstar mother. 

Everything is in place how I want it to be. I live the life I want to live. 

I want you to know life can get better. You can heal and succeed no matter how tough your life started or your life is now. 

Find a mentor or a pastor – anyone willing to listen to you to help guide you through. When you need it,  ask for help. Don’t be stubborn. Utilize the resources available to you. 

In your career, don’t be afraid of being told.” No.”

Keep going and keep pushing. Things aren’t going to go as planned sometimes, but don’t give up. Stand for your wishes and have fun, but also be careful at the same time.

Currently, I am looking to sell my company. I am still trying to figure out precisely what’s next for me, but I know mentoring other people and speaking at events will be a part of my future. 

There was a time I never thought I’d succeed. But what I want you to understand is that even though I made a lot of money, success turned out to have nothing to do with how much I have in my bank account.

Success came from having the courage to face my pain and begin to heal so I could enjoy a life filled with peace, love, and family. 


Brian Goldstein
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