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To: Those scared of trying something new

From: Lauren Brill

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To Those Scared of Trying Something New,

As far back as I can remember people have told me that I am fearless, brave or courageous. It has always sounded pretty badass to me, so I’ve never argued.

Plus, there is some convincing evidence…

Lauren with her classmates and teacher in first grade.

When I was 4, I went on the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster at Busch Gardens all by myself. At age 5, my school gave me some test with a bunch of blocks and then told me I was skipping kindergarten and heading right to first grade. At 12, I snuck onto the set of a major motion picture, figured out who was directing the movie  and convinced him to let me and my family make a quick cameo. In college, I wrote to every executive at the NBA, including the commissioner, until one of them gave me a job. After school, I moved hundreds of miles away from my family and friends without knowing a single soul.

My dad always tells me, “Whatever you do in life, never let anyone see you sweat.”

Since I am always cold, even in Miami, following his advice hasn’t been all that hard. I have approached unclear moments in my life with a smile on my face and with some sort of mission on my mind.

But as I head into 2020, I will admit to you all, I know how it feels to fear the unknown.

Lauren moved to Buffalo, New York to pursue her career as a sportscaster.

Right now, I feel like I jumped into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and I am searching for land. While I am a good swimmer, I don’t know how far I can go or how long it will take me to get to a coast. Plus, there are quite a few sharks out there.

That’s what it is like to jump into uncharted waters.

For me, uncharted waters is my new business, The Unsealed.

I feel like I jumped into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and I am searching for land.

I launched The Unsealed less than five months ago because I have a passion for advocacy, social justice and storytelling. I am not sure if there is a job out there that encompasses all of my interests, so I figured I would just create it. The concept of writing letters, empowering people and shedding light on social issues is a reflection of who I am and what excites me. So far, my stories have received hundreds of thousands of views in more than 170 countries.

I had a sexual assault victim tell me I am the reason she is starting to open up about her attack. A father who lost his son to cancer thanked me for what I did to honor his child’s life. And a woman who grew up in utter poverty with endless struggles told me I helped her recognize her perseverance.

To say the journey thus far has been fulfilling might be the understatement of the decade for me.

Lauren talking to kids about The Unsealed.

But, even so, there is still a lot to navigate without a compass or a map. Every day I am learning new aspects of the business and implementing new strategies.

I don’t know exactly when or how my company will skyrocket but I certainly know that it will happen.

As I put 2019 behind me and look ahead to 2020, that space between what I know is possible and what I know right now is where my fear lives but also where my confidence thrives.

I look at the puzzle in front of me and for a moment, my nerves get rattled. But I quickly become at ease by acknowledging that I already possess all the pieces needed to put it together.

I am smart.

I am passionate.

I am determined.

And I have a support system that is there for me every step of the way…

While it would be so much easier to get a job, health insurance and a bi-weekly paycheck, my astute dad tells me, “Nothing good comes easy. “

I believe him because The Unsealed makes me happy, even though it is challenging or maybe because it is challenging.

As I look back on all the different moments in my life where I have pursued unknown paths, I realize that the excitement of an adventure has always outweighed the fear of an outcome.

And even when a past adventure didn’t go exactly as I envisioned, I never drowned. Instead, I enjoyed the swim or built up some muscle from it.

I recognize now that’s it’s neither bravery nor courage that drove me to jump into uncharted waters once again and start The Unsealed. Rather, it was and is the desire to pursue my passion coupled with the self-belief that until I hit land or one of those fancy yachts I see around Miami, I am strong enough and smart enough to find ways to always keep afloat.

So, if you are headed into the new year scared of what you don’t know, my advice is to become even more terrified of what you don’t try.

I don’t know exactly where the waves will take me or you, but I promise, finding out will be worth it for us all.

Good Luck and Happy New Year

Lauren Brill AKA CEO of The Unsealed 😉


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Sweet Lauren, I agree completely with the promise that Brian asked you to make. Frankly, it is the only way that I know to love; totally, completely, wholly and unconditionally. You deserve nothing less, nor does your future love.

Wow. What a truly moving and powerful story. We often take for granted the small gifts we give each other just by being present. I'm sad for the heartache. I'm glad you stayed and became. Who knows what little girl or boy will be attributing their life's purpose to some kindness you shared. Peace and Sunshine

You’re welcome Lauren looking forward to all the future stories :)

Thank you Tony. I appreciate all your support.

Thank you Tony. I appreciate all your support.

I’m sorry to hear about Brian but he was right you are too beautiful to not receive roses Lauren:)

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Thanks for this! So what movie set did you get on?

So nice Roger <3

Pat, Your letter touched me in a very profound way. It left me in tears in the middle of my work day. It made me want to share something with you. On a July morning in 2007 a police officer answered a 911 call I had made when my Mother went into cardiac arrest. Between that officer, my best friend and the fire fighters who showed up minutes later they were able to restart her heart, however at the hospital she passed away an hour later. At the end of his shift that officer stopped by my home to check on the situation and cried when I told him the unfortunate news I received only 4 hours prior. He tried to apologize to me. I looked at the anguish in his eyes and asked him directly what for? He described the ways he felt sorry. What I want to leave you with was my reply to him. I told him he had nothing to be sorry for because he answered the call in what was the darkest moment in my life. I told him that he was a hero regardless because it takes a special person to answer calls like that. You are a hero to people Pat. No one can ever take that away from you. I understand the process you're going through as I've been there myself and like you I still struggle with it when no one is looking. You aren't alone in this. I hope your healing process continues on and you can regain the happiness in this beautiful life. You'll always be a hero to those people, because you were there when the call came Best wishes Roger Chamberlain

Ruth, your letter moved me to tears. Once upon a time I was very closed off about the LGBT community but over a course of several years, I turned my fear into understanding and I actively stand with the community for their equal rights because it is the right thing to do.