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    She had left so much here
    the carloads taken to Goodwill
    numbered, now, beyond ten
    he’d kept a count, tho, if pressed
    he’d not admit to it

    too much there to allow in
    it was only to go out


    Which thoughtlined to such a different place
    one of today the multi-colored thoughts and pictures
    in an everyday, always anyway, person’s mind

    all jumbled together
    with feeding the dog
    the oatmeal for breakfast
    the judgement living in the bathroom mirror
    and changing the bedsheets just ‘cause it is Wednesday.

    She had left so much behind.

    He had so much left to do.

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    • Wow this poem is amazing. One thing I love about poems is that the reader can picture it differently and the author has a different thought process on it. From reading this it seems like the girl left the guy that they were in a relationship and she left so much things for him to do that she usually does. He’s not used to it because he’s never experienced it. I’m probably wrong but this is what i see.

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