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    I am so grateful to my family,

    Dear Unsealers,
    Recently I had surgery and it was a bit scary. It’s behind me now. I could not have gone thru this process without the support of my dear family. Thank you to my amazing children, Andrew and Lauren, for immediately stepping up and helping Dad and I make the right decision as to which way to proceed. Your research and involvement was so very crucial and so deeply touching. You both analyzed the situation, listened in on all consultations with the surgeons, asked the doctors important and very pivotal questions and helped me manage all my test results. You are my pillars of strength and my guiding light. Thank you to my husband, Alan, who always insisted on accompanying me to every test from cat scan to MRI to covid test you were right by my side and of course every consultation and then in the hospital thru surgery. You are my strength as well as being my post-op coach. You challenge me to get out of bed and walk, which the doctors have told us is important for a faster recovery. Thank you also to all my love ones who supported me and comforted Alan,Andrew and Lauren thru. this process. Thank you to my my sweet daughter -in-law, my caring sisters, my cousins, my extended family and my friends for being so supportive and concerned. You all are so important to me. It really does take a village and you are my village.
    From the bottom of my heart with much love and appreciation,

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