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    Surround your self with people who believe in you

    Dear Unsealers,
    I may have grown up in the fifties and sixties when women were relegated to domestic roles but I was
    very lucky. I had a Dad and Mom who always made me feel that I could do more in life. They believed in me and encouraged me to get a good education and choose a career that would make me happy. I was lucky to find fulfillment in a career and as a mother. I have learned that giving children love and attention strengthens their self-esteem. Look for people in your life who support you with positivity and always know that as a woman your opportunities in life are limitless. Just be strong and never let anyone get in your way. But there might be times when you have to stand up to people who want to put you down or dismiss you simply because you are a threat to them or they are jealous of you or afraid of your potential. These situations will challenge you but not defeat you. You will keep your head down, ignore the noise and continue to excel. Do not give the naysayers your power. Eventually you will rise above and show the world what a determined woman can do.
    Women have power!
    Best of luck to my sister community,
    Shelley Brill

    Shelley Brill

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    • Mom,

      I always used to wonder why I am the way I am. I used to think we weren’t alike. I was more outspoken, more daring and a lot more aggressive than you. But as I have gotten older, I realize that although our personalities seem so different, there are a lot of similarities at the core of who we are. Mom, you set an example for me that a woman could be anything and everything she wanted to be. You worked full-time and yet still managed to always be there for dinner. You prioritized motherhood, but that never seemed to stop you from flourishing at your career. You encouraged me, you loved me and you worked your butt off to open every door possible for me to achieve my dreams. And somehow you also managed to throw Halloween parties, birthday parties, sleepover parties and even Valentine’s Day parties. Sometimes we’d have two parties because you wanted me to invite everyone in my grade so no one ever felt left out. Your parents raised you to be strong but also nurturing and loving, or maybe that’s just who you are and who you have always been. But however you came to be, I am so thankful for all that you are, because it’s the reason I am what I am. I love you and thank you.


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