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    My Son Remember This

    Coloring when you’re younger is letting each shade have it’s alone time
    They say elders deserve it
    But I never had the opportunity to see your hair age to grey
    You were a silver fox
    Illusive with your presence, no matter how much of a present it would be for me
    Doesn’t anyone care about how I feel
    I didn’t ask to be here, yet I am, and everything is falling apart… And I have to pick up the pieces and make something beautiful
    Whoever said horror was beautiful never had a cut deeper than the surface
    I can’t escape this horror story, and adults keep preaching about the honor they don’t even hold on to
    Your moral compass clearly was never fixed so stop trying to fix me
    I’ll do it myself just like everything else
    I don’t care if I take the long way
    What’s a little more pain with this depression
    This is what I imagined your thoughts said after you heard me communicate: mom and dad are getting a divorce
    I’m sorry to have multiplied the trend of men walking out of your life
    Son, I’m sorry and I hope you don’t keep your hands around the neck of a grudge
    My son I love you, I’m sorry your picture of love now has a crack in it,
    My everything, if you hate me and ignore everything else, please remember this: respect is earned not given
    So, learn to give it even when it’s not deserved
    Because pain can learn to heal when patience reflects
    Respect can’t be bought so don’t spend your money on brands expecting it to elevate your title
    Your name holds a weight more valuable than gold, not even the world can hold
    You, let nothing hold you back
    Dad will always have your back
    Respect those that hurt you, more than the love they didn’t give
    When you treat respect like the kindness everyone should receive you won’t have to ask for it
    Then you can paint your own future
    Coloring when you’re older is letting the paint sit at the grown folks table and mix conversation
    p.s. no matter what our colors will always match…


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