• Mother of Mine

    When a mother births a child, that love will never die. Mother of mine, you gave me life
    when all odds were against it. You were always the lighthouse when the sea began to scream.

    Watching your life fade into the abyss took a lot out of me. Your soul was always full of good
    intentions and pure light. You tried so hard to overcome this fight. The trauma of your life was not able to be healed because you passed so suddenly. Your voice was taken away and that left me with so much to say. Your wounds to this day make my bones shake. Watching you take your last breath is an image I could never forget. Mother of mine, I am forever thankful the universe chose me to be your daughter. Your death taught me that humans are capable of connecting and tapping into other realms of this beautiful universe. I didn’t have the understanding at the time to comprehend what was happening. The energy of your human form was no longer here and yet I could still feel you near me! A feeling so strong, I once thought why am I suffocating feeling the presence of your soul? I took it as grief for sometime, until I realized something needed to be done. The suffocating feeling was not my energy nor was it grief. This was your soul pleading for release. Release of your human experience, release of the trauma that brought you to your knees. Your soul reached out for me because you needed healing help from me. I had to gain knowledge to teach myself about healing energy. The energy that you needed so desperately, so you could finally be free and find soul peace. I honor your life now by engaging in energy healing practices that helped your soul break free from the density. The energy you needed to let your human experience be seen. You come to visit me often now and it is beautiful to see that you are no longer suffocating in that painful energy. Your soul flows through me and I can physically feel the beauty of your aura everywhere. You are free now, mother of mine. When I sit in the sand on the beach, taking in the beauty of the waves, I know that you are able to come through me and feel the salty breeze dance across your cheeks. You died before you could get back there, so I honor your life by letting you experience the ocean through me. When spring comes and the sun shines bright, you always send me butterflies with the most majestic sights. You loved a beautiful rose, so I plant them and watch them grow. You always did love your coffee black as night. When I pour myself a cup of coffee, sometimes I pour you one too. I will play Fleetwood Mac for you and let you come through to sing your favorite song “Landslide.” I honor your life by chasing a beautiful sunset and letting the wind blow through your hair, as you are me and I am you. You had so much love and heart to give to anyone who had the pleasure of knowing you. When life gives every reason for one’s heart to turn cold and bitter, I keep your legacy alive by not turning into that pain. I keep your legacy alive by choosing love over anything. To send healing energy to any place or soul that needs it from me. I spread the love you had for the world, people, and animals around you. I choose to continue to choose love and spread that light everywhere and anywhere I can. Your death and this experience helped me discover the power that I am capable of. You will never be forgotten.

    Mother of mine you will always be.


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