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    VIII. Strength

    I was eighteen in my public speaking class, introducing myself as a lioness with a shake in my throat.
    She reminded me of my own strength when I needed her most:
    When I was dissociating away from my high school relationship,
    And dissociating into the arms of an abusive one.
    When with ferocious presence I left, and I rebuilt.

    When Roe v. Wade overturned and I’m on the phone with my father
    He rants about how many women must be so angry,
    But doesn’t hear how it made me feel.
    When he tells me I’m just like my mother like that’s a bad thing,
    With the lioness by my side, I left, and I rebuilt.

    With the flesh of my former self between my teeth,
    I destroyed and built again.
    With the pain of my foremothers suffocated under my paws,
    I destroyed and built again.
    With screams and aches and roars I didn’t know I had buried,
    I destroyed and built again and destroyed and built again.

    The blood of self-love drips from my jaw.
    The lioness and I are side by side and we are one.
    We have found safety at last.

    Maggie Faye

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