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    Home Sweet Home: a poem about living my best life

    amongst the critics and someone in my life who has tried to knock me down more than once. Negative people can’t steal my thunder! Please be aware this poem is not to bash anyone, but to put into perspective how unkind words can really affect someone so I write this knowing I have someone in mind but am not trying to stoop to their level. Just making my voice be heard after being silenced for far too long.

    Going out with a bang.
    I believe I have what it takes.
    You believe I’m deranged.
    That’s okay because I’m a force like an earthquake.

    Call it as I see it, I’m well aware of lost time.
    I’ve been quick to admit it.
    But when all is said and done, I’ve grown to shine.
    And I haven’t bit the bullet yet.

    If you’ve seen me now,
    You’d know how much I’ve changed.
    I literally wake up and it’s not with a scowl.
    My sense of purpose is renewed as strange as it may seem.

    You’ve soaked up all your chances.
    It’s not like I can begin to see your authenticity.
    You act like it’s all about your choices.
    Everything about you is erratic with inconsistency.

    I know where my home sweet home is now.
    It isn’t filled with silence and with a monotonous over tone.
    It’s woken me up to a whole new world of sounds.
    Nothing stifles my energy.

    I know you scold me with cause and effect.
    It doesn’t mean I won’t win your bet.
    I’ve lived this long hearing your demands and threats.
    I’ll take back my life with no regrets.

    Ashley Rivera

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