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    Invoking the Muse of Woman's Wisdom

    Invoking the Muse of Woman’s Wisdom

    Each day women arise to go about their tasks,
    though choosing different paths, they start out much the same.
    ”Mind and body, fulfill my needs,” is all she asks,
    ”Let me create what is required,” is her aim.

    For some it is to beard the lion in its den,
    office or field, striving to find a clever way
    to take upon her brow work that was once of men,
    and show that she is just as capable as they.

    Another woman rises up to face her fears
    that her body can no longer do what it once did;
    illness takes so many forms over the years,
    pain and fatigue may push her in a downward skid.

    A family member may require nursing care,
    perhaps an infant wakes her up before the dawn;
    she runs her fingers through her loving husband’s hair,
    or lends a shoulder for her teen to cry upon.

    A woman sits down to record her thought,
    she wants to shape her words so they convey her mood;
    with struggle and worry her blessed life is fraught,
    but with love and kindness it is securely glued.

    Gazing along the path that has been hers alone,
    she becomes aware, she is now mature and wise.
    To sharpen a knife one brings to bear a whetstone,
    to sharpen thoughts to share one brings to bear one’s eyes

    to gaze up to the heavens with a humble heart
    and ask the universal source to free her soul.
    When peace comes, she is centered and the words will start
    to flow upon the paper, her thoughts fly fast and whole.

    Giving to the waiting world all that she has learned
    is also a true way of winning heart’s desires.
    For an easier life, each woman has sometimes yearned;
    then, she would not know the lessons wisdom inspires.

    Accepting her life with no sense of sad regrets
    is work at which each woman must one day succeed.
    Casting prayers in the wind, they dance in pirouettes,
    settling in woman-worked earth, each becomes a seed.

    Each woman grows a garden of tender hope
    from which she and the ones she loves will pluck new strength.
    Though daily trials build a roughened, upward slope,
    woman’s wisdom on the path flowers all its length.

    © Kit Minden

    Graphic Herbert, Pixabay

    Kit Minden
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