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    WINNER: Rise

    As I sit in my room and wail, ‘why me?’
    Leaning out of my window, I curse people, quite pathetically.
    Of course, COVID has bashed me– again- and thrown away the key.
    Not today. Really? Why today? And then I rise, make some tea.

    Into my bedroom I go; he still serves food at the door.
    But in this invisible snare which holds me, I ponder.
    Magazines- not read- laden out on the bed, I shred,
    tear out pages and pages and pages, like a
    frenzied, angry and puzzled weirdo.
    What’s next?

    And then, by Jove- PING! Images mutated.
    My new life was there, waiting patiently on pages.
    To carve and compile, create and conceive it.
    I stared, in awe as it danced out its song.
    This dream-like vision edged towards me.
    Half amazed; half scared- I let it commence.

    Images of oceans and adventures await,
    Freedom with friends, fresh air on my face.
    Muted, calms tones for a home that I’ll make.
    It warmed me through, and into my soul and now I see it.

    I CAN rise again.
    I CAN un-leash my potential- unearth my lost career.
    I CAN rise to just, be.

    You see, this year, is quite different from the seventeen days of yore.
    A divorce.
    It’s happening.
    Years of pain: “I can’t take no more.”
    Lies, deceit, adultery, addiction- where does it end?

    Is love enough? Sacred oaths, like magical fairy wedding day dust-
    now gather, and clog up where there isn’t chipping, flaking rust.
    Our children don’t know, yet; we can’t carry on and pretend.
    As we pack their belongings, like it’s game and they don’t know the end.

    Then one day I saw these words extend out their lips to my ears, whispering gently:
    “When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe who they are.”

    To her, I owe my freedom.
    “still I rise.”

    (In honour of the greatest legend: Maya Angelou)

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