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    A Letter For the Weak

    Dear World,

    It’s quite humorous that I write to you; considering how many times I’ve cursed out your name. However, maybe it’s time for one of us to introduce ourselves, and knowing how mysterious and nuanced you can be, I’ll go first for a change. Maybe you’ve heard from the wind or through the grapevine by my street about my weaknesses and misgivings, so I’ll change tune and finally address why I’m an adversary still worth living. Worth living here among the rest. Worth living still with a pulse and breath.

    I have no luck and certainly no notable degree of intelligence, but a dreamer pulls their weight and goes against the odds in a heart-beat. I’m resilient in the face of adversity and no challenge is a challenge I cannot go against. I learn from my mistakes and change my ways to separate myself from a me that’s only vice is to obstruct and hesitate. There are dreams to fulfill and a life to construct, after all. Is it also a strength to be so daring as to reach for the stars and heed its call?

    Time may not be on my side, though and the stars seem to stretch further away every time I sit down and consider taking things slow. But patience is a virtue and I value the patience I have. Nothing has ever been handed to me; not money, love, or a second chance. There can be so much against me, but still, I won’t falter or beg. My legs will take me wherever I must go as long as my heart and my mind are aligned for the advance.

    I’m ambitious for my desires and that must mean something. I listen and observe the people and the birds. I’m kind without distinction and sympathetic with my actions. I consider all the places, people, and opportunities that have pooled in unity and brought me where I am today. I’m grateful and honest. I don’t boast for display.

    I’ve been humbled and agree that being humble is a strength for me. I’m no bigger than the ant in the dirt, the leaf falling from its tree, or even you, world. That much I can see. Though small it may make me feel, I can’t stay bitter forever. So, I’ve learned to not hold any grudges or point fingers and spit blame even if the troubles were done on purpose. There’s no meaning to the negativity and frustrations, whatsoever.

    However, bountiful are the negativities and the frustrations that do come. Sometimes, I shut down because I’m so overwhelmed. Sometimes, all the support I have is on me. Sometimes, no one knows how to make the pain cease. I’m not complete. Some things take time to learn for a little peace and that’s a hard truth for someone as stubborn as me.

    Take a good look at me though, world. My biggest strength is change. I know it’s self-destruction to stay the same and I’ve seen the patterns repeat themselves like there’s no such thing as shame. I’m trying better than that and change brings me closer to better. Changing my naive beliefs, my bad habits, the selfish behavior, the hurtful verbiage, and everything in-between. It all needs to change for what I want next. You, world. I want you just as much as you want me. No more enemies. Treat me better and I’ll do the same. I just want to be happy again.


    Jejune Ebbs

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    • Aww Jejune, you are so strong. You have such a beautiful heart. You will definitely be happy again if you let yourself be happy. I love this line, “My legs will take me wherever I must go as long as my heart and my mind are aligned for the advance.”

      Keep going after your dreams. Keep being you and never letting the world change you. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing. <3 Lauren

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    • Jejune, your letter is amazing. I love how humble you are and how considerate of people around you. You are so sweet and kind. I love how you look at the world. I hope more people can see your kindness and how considerate you are and get to feel it themselves. You will be happy again because what you push off in the world is what you get back. Keep pushing your positive energy and it will return to you.

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    • Happiest will find you again. Don’t ever give up. Just remember that hard times are temporary you will see. Thank you for sharing your letter to the world. You’re so strong for doing so.

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