• In Honor and Memory of My Heavenly Friend

    Dear Heavenly Friend,

    I want to tell you how you inspired me in life. I know we did not know nor meet each other here on Earth. The first time I heard about you was on the news after your sudden passing. I learned that you were a young and rising Police Officer who was determined to protect and serve the community along to make society and the world better. I was saddened and heartbroken to find out what happened to you. I was about to start my Urban Planning Capstone course for a master’s degree when the news broke. I learned about how you lived your life and desired to be in Law Enforcement since an early age and your father was a Law Enforcement Officer. I want to tell you how you inspired me to be a better individual and in certain situations.

    At the time of your passing, I was about to collaborate with 19 other individuals who on average were around your age in the Capstone course. I was not certain how the project was going to be, but eventually we all got warmed to one another and sought to make the project successful. Your spiritual sense was embedded within me for the course as I learned how you would handle a situation or deal with individuals. Whether it was your beyond expectation work in the office
    as a volunteer or reaching out to the public on the streets in the moment of difficulty, it motivated me to excel when I met with others and businesses in the project area. That experience helped me excel with the course, two great presentations for the public and lead to clinching my master’s degree in Urban Planning a few months later.

    Beyond academics, I learned how you lived your life around others, particularly your family, friends, colleagues and the communities you resided in and served for. Your kindness in all groups won my attention. From being a role model in school to guiding your younger sisters to be good individuals to donating for those in need with a situation beyond control showed there is goodness in every generation. When I attended a memorial service for a Vietnam Veteran who served as a Chaplain, the family requested in his honor and memory to a charity of choice. When I was in the church for that service and thinking of how to donate, I thought of you and how you served others like the gentleman in the Vietnam War. I have donated a sunflower in your memory at a memorial field in which the donations go towards a charity which battles childhood
    cancer. I will do this every year for as long as I am around. Also, I have donated to a scholarship fund which honors your memory and supports young individuals who desire to be involved with Law Enforcement and First Responders. Your good lives on within others.

    Months after the incident, I reached to your mentor in the Police Department you served in. I reached out and gave her encouragement and special thanks for leading you in the right direction. I also saw that an individual who was inspired by your life. He is a documentary filmmaker from a state different from our respective ones who salutes Military Veterans and First Responders. When I heard, he was going to do one about you, I was supportive from the first moment forward. I was invited by him to see the premiere if it was to happen. Even though, I live three time zones away from your native state. At times, when people were uncertain about Law Enforcement, I told them about you and how you were determined to make the profession better. It opened their eyes and minds.

    Last Summer, the documentary was going to be finally released and shown. With a personal determination, I made the 2,400-mile journey across America to see it. When I made it to the premiere and walked through the door of the venue, little did I know that it was about to be part of a memorable experience. I met your family, friends, colleagues, and many others. The welcoming embrace of everyone that evening had a special feeling; I will never forget. I had gone from arriving as a guest to being a part of a family and group who are so caring and spiritual that I am proud to know and met. I will always remember your honor and memory My Heavenly Friend and do good for everyone possible in part of your inspiration that defined your life. Rest In Peace and God Bless.



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