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    Contest Entry Top 10: What almost losing my mom taught me

    To the world,

    I’m lucky enough to have been able to rely on my parents immensely. They continue to be my support system and my strength. It seems like they are superheroes at times through the ways they can solve difficult situations I sometimes face. They are a continuous source of hope for me, but I could never prepare myself for almost losing my mother. One night in January 2019 changed my life forever.

    In January 2019, my mother called me while I was upstairs in our house to come downstairs. I walked downstairs and saw her go into the bathroom. She was coughing, which she had been doing for the past few days. She left the bathroom and told me she was coughing up blood. She went to the sink and continued to cough up blood and we started to get worried. The blood was starting to clog up her throat, so she had trouble breathing, but she continued to cough up blood. I called 9-1-1 and my father and grandmother to let them know what was happening, but I was still on my own. 

    I had never witnessed something more horrifying than my mom in her weakest state and in a complete panic. She was sitting at my kitchen table, blood all over her clothes and the carpet on the floor, crying because she couldn’t breathe. I continuously reminded her that she could breathe because she was talking, but my words couldn’t penetrate the wall that was her state of panic. She thought she was going to die. She then started giving me what she thought were her last words to me. She told me to keep being a good boy and that she hoped I got whatever I wanted in life. I was not ready to accept those words because I had a feeling she was going to be OK. The EMTs, my father and my grandparents showed up after what had felt like ages and they all went to the hospital with my mom. My dad accompanied my mom to the hospital in the ambulance. That was the beginning of the hardest semester of my life.

    Jaden with his mom

    When this incident occurred, I was just starting the second semester of my junior year, which is one of the most important semesters for a high school student in their journey to getting into college. I was excited for the coming semester, but it was a lot more difficult to focus with my mom on my mind all the time. My mom spent most of the coming months in a hospital an hour away and I couldn’t drive yet, so, I had to go through my daily life hoping she was ok and that she was being taken good care of. My dad was visiting my mom at the hospital every day as well, so I was alone most days. I was thinking about my mom constantly and I knew she was strong, but the thoughts of what could happen and the memories from that night haunted me. Without anyone around, I needed to find my own motivation to stay productive which was hard. However, I knew I had to be strong for her. In February, my mom received open heart surgery. I don’t think I’ve ever cried harder than when I heard the news that the surgery was a success and that my mom was going to be OK. 

    Throughout this experience, I learned multiple lessons that carried me through it. My mom getting sick helped me gain a lot of perspective. The small problems I faced seemed a lot less daunting. If my mom can get through her second open heart surgery, I know I can solve my own problems and if anything, go to her when I need a boost of strength. When my mom was in the hospital, although I was sad, I noticed things such as an enjoyable interaction with a classmate or success in a video game that made me really happy. I learned that during tough times, finding bright spots in my life, no matter how small, can make dealing with these issues a lot easier. The most important lesson I learned was to appreciate everything I have a bit more. Almost losing one of the most important people in my life made me realize how lucky I am to still have my mom and the amazing opportunities I have to become successful in life. 

    One moment can change a person’s life. While this time in my life was difficult, I’m lucky to have become a stronger person because of it. It’s important for us to remember to appreciate our family, friends, and everything else we have. I always remind myself how lucky I am to still have my mom and how amazing she is. 

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