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    Dear Unsealers,

    I wrote this poem as an homage to our ancestors, when spirituality came before organized religion, when we viewed the world with wonder, and when we longed for understanding of life and death:


    I worship the Sun

    And his daughter, the Moon

    I pray to the sky; morn, evening, and noon

    The stars I will use as my guide and my light

    To honor my ancestors throughout the night

    And I pray to the gods of the wind and the rain

    For peace and strength and no more of the pain

    For my mother, the Earth, and my father, the Sea

    Gave life and birth for me to be

    The son of comets and shooting stars

    My brothers Venus, Earth, and Mars

    Watch over me as I wake and rest

    And live my life as I do best

    For when my body returns to clay

    The stars will cradle me, and there I’ll stay

    Ricardo Albertorio

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