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    Dear Me

    Dear Me,

    I started this by looking up what love is. As we know it’s a quirk of ours to always have the right words with the right meanings. Yet, I stopped halfway through my inquiry right before being sucked into the argument; if love is a physical or an emotional state.

    I stopped because I felt I didn’t need anyone else’s theories, ideologies, or philosophies to express why I love you.

    You challenge me.

    Everyday I wake up and I am invigorated by your need to know things — sometimes useful and other times just because.

    I catch myself smiling when you take out your phone to search for the answer to anything that you come across that you don’t understand. Living with you is like being in a classroom with new lessons every minute. I say every minute because truly that is how it works with you. You love trying to understand how things work. All things if you could that’s why it’s hard to focus. Everything is attractive to our curiosity but we’re so limited in our time.

    The human dilemma of time is another one of your favorite topics to stay up late and journal about.

    I love your journals. You have a million of them, all decorated with the outline of your heart and mind —your process for trying to get them to understand each other.

    I am captivated by the unraveling of you. The total abandonment of masks that I have the pleasure of being witness to. You are a challenge, worthwhile.

    Love Me,


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    • “You are a challenge, worthwhile.” I LOVE that line. Keep challenging yourself. Keep being curious. This is a beautiful please that does a nice job of describing the way your brain works. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being part of The Unsealed family. <3 Lauren

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