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    A Cosmic Love

    In the cosmic dance of chance and fate,
    A story unfolds, a love so great.
    A Spectrum of colors, a call in the night,
    Where fate intervened, two worlds took flight.

    In the realm of pixels and data streams,
    A Spectrum call center, where reality gleams.
    As a troubleshooter, I entered the scene,
    Little did I know, fate was foreseen.

    In the sunshine state, where palm trees sway,
    Florida’s warmth met Ohio’s gray.
    A sweet voice on my line,
    A connection so divine.

    Fate had more in its grand design.
    Little did I know, she’d soon be mine,
    She insisted on more, a number to exchange,
    Feeding into destiny’s range.

    Two and a half years, our connection grew,
    Before I gave into her irresistible pursuit.
    A realization of self-discovery, coming to light,
    As I embraced the truth of my own unique sight.

    In the closet’s shadow, I found my way,
    Guided by fate’s hand, in the light of day.
    Coming out, my thoughts unfurled,
    She stood by my side, as I reshaped my world.

    Long-distance whispers across state lines,
    A love so deep, like vintage wines.
    Florida to Ohio, miles and miles apart,
    Yet, she captured my soul and entered my heart.

    Through video calls and messages, love took its place,
    A connection so strong, no distance can erase.
    Her laughter echoed through a virtual space,
    Serenading me in a symphony of love and unspoken grace.

    In her, I found a safe harbor, a haven of peace,
    Long-distance love, a sweet release.
    She, a lighthouse, guiding me through,
    In the vast ocean of love, our connection grew.

    Miles may stretch, but love knows no bounds,
    With the help of fate, our story resounds.
    A love that bridges the space and time,
    A testament to fate, beautifully sublime.

    Here’s to the place where it all began,
    Our fate smiled, as it crafted our unique plan.
    In the Spectrum of love, we found our place,
    A love story written by destiny’s grace.

    Abigail J. Stopka

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