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    Just You and Me

    Little one hear my plea!
    I know your young;
    but work with me
    I will make mistakes
    I am not perfect
    I am in this not alone;
    But with you
    It’s really just me & you!
    I will wipe your tears
    I will kiss your booboos
    I will be your friend
    I will be your foe!

    Little one hear my plea!
    In this world;
    It’s just you & me!
    I am going to fall
    I will cry
    I will jump up and touch the sky!
    You are my motive to make every move
    You are my reason to go, go, go!
    In this world you will see;
    It’s just you and me!
    One day you wiped my tears and told me;
    “Don’t cry, it’ll be okay!”
    When I received my High School Diploma you said;
    “Good Job Mommy!”
    You are my cloud
    You are my world

    Little one hear my plea!
    It’s just you & me!
    One day, baby
    You will have a broken heart and;
    I will be there to wipe your tears
    You will fight with friends;
    I will give you advice
    You will graduate;
    I will be there to cheer you on while walking across the stage!

    Please little one, hear my plea!
    It wont always be just you & me!
    One day you will fall in love with someone;
    I will give you my blessing
    You will get married;
    I will walk you down the aisle with joy filled tears in my eyes
    One day you will have your own child;
    I will be right there to help every step of the way!

    But, please little one, hear my plea!
    One day,
    I will get tired and old;
    You will feel weak and helpless
    I will grow more weak and brittle;
    And you may cry.

    Please, little one, hear my plea!
    My forewarning about;
    You and me.
    One day you will cry on my bedside;
    I will take my last breath.
    You will plan the most tragic event of your life;
    But know that I will be standing by your side
    You will cry in the arms of your partner;
    But know that I am there hugging you
    You will feel lost;
    But know that I will help guide you

    Please, my dear daughter, hear my plea!
    It will always be the world against;
    You and Me!

    My little one hear my last plea!
    It will not always be just you and me!


    AL Gonzalez
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    • Loved your poem, Al. Your love for your daughter is felt strongly through your words. She’s blessed to have a mom like you who wants to see her do well throughout her life. The part about you getting tired & old is so sad, but it’ll be a reality one day. But hopefully, that part of life is a long way off and you will have lots of great with your family!

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